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VK 102 Standing Virus Killer

It destroys all air pollutants including viruses, bacteria and traffic pollution with its advanced air sterilisation technology.

Combining a series of mechanical filters including a 50mm nano silver HEPA, a powerful sirocco fan and the patented VK Sterilisation reactor cell.

Coronavirus vs. Radic8 VK102

Respiratory viruses are killed by VK401's reactor chamber. The patented, core technology has been tested against Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus and Poliovirus. The results show a 99.9999% kill rate on a single air pass.

Global air quality is steadily on the decline, the particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The days when an air filter with fan and filters worked are long gone. We need cutting edge technologies like Viruskiller™ to kill respiratory viruses.

Viruskiller™ Technology

The Viruskiller™  technology has been extensively tested on various:

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Fungi

  • Mould

  • VOC’s

  • Toxic Gas

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Particulate Matter (including Ultra Fine particles)

Results Summary

  • 99.99% Viruses killed

  • 99.99% Respiratory viruses & fungus sterilisation

  • 99.9% Removal of fine dust

  • 99% Odor and toxic gas removed

  • 0% Ozone creation

Example Usage of Radic8 VK102

Hospital wards, Intensive Care Units, critical care rooms, quarantine/containment rooms and other medical installations, dentists, classrooms, communal areas, offices, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, restaurants, commercial spaces, elderly homes, child care spaces, mass congregation spaces, laboratories, veterinaries, Government buildings, leisure facilities, factories...

VK102 Positioning

  • Free standing

  • The VK102 is perfect in spaces where there is a lot of air flow and people traffic as the unit’s ability to exchange air is very high

  • VK102 is ideal for complete negative pressure sterilisation

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