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Brands We Offer

Electro World Lucknow is the leading trader of electrical goods for Commercial Electrical Goods and Industrial Electrical Goods. Our sales and service comprise majorly of the following Branded Electrical Goods. Our product range is vivid and serves all industrial and domestic needs.

Wipro Consumer Electricals

Wipro LED Lights, Wipro Garnet LED Bulbs, Wipro Tejas LED Bulbs, Wipro Consumer T-5 Tubelights, Wipro LED Tubelights, Wipro Street Lights, Wipro LED Flood Lights, Wipro CFL's, Wipro Light Fittings, Wipro MCB, Isolators, Switches, Steam Irons, Etc.

Bajaj Electricals

bajaj photo logo.jpg

Bajaj Lighting, Bajaj Fans, Bajaj LED Lighting, Bajaj Irons, Bajaj Kitchen Chimneys, Bajaj Emergency Lights, Bajaj Home Appliances Juicer Mixer Grinders, Induction Cookers, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Geysers, Steam Irons, LED Lighting, LED Bulbs, etc.

HPL Electricals


We have a long and fruitful business association with HPL. HPL is the pioneer in electrical switchgear, MCB, MCCB, On-load and Off-Load changeovers. Recently, the company ventured into Lamps, LED Luminaries and LED Lighting Fixtures where we are offering HPL conventional and LED lamps to major Government Institutions, Retail Chains.

Connectwell Terminal Blocks


Connectwell is a renowned and most cost effective product with total quality control in manufacturing, Poly-amide Terminal Blacks, Melamine Terminal Blocks, Relay Card for PLC Panels, Relay Modules for automation and service panels. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) for use in telecom and service industry giving optimized power supply and minimized current losses.

KEI Wires and Cables


KEI Wires and Cables are a premier reputed brand of cables and wires. We have ample stocks of 1100 Volts LT Grade Copper Cables, Aluninum Armoured and Alunimium unarmoured Cables, Copper Multi Strand and Copper Armoured as well as Copper Unarmoured Power Cables. XLPE Cables of both Aluminium and Copper are available with us.

Polycab Wires and LED Lights


Polycab Electrical is a well known brand of Cables and Wires. We have stocks of Copper and Aluminium Armoured and Unarmoured LT and HT grade power cables. We also stock Polycab LED Lighting Panels and Flood Lights up to 200 Watts. Polycab Geysers and Home Appliances, i.e. Fans, Geysers ,etc are also available with us.

MCI Cable Glands


MCI Brass Single Compression and Double Compression Cable Glands suitable for all kinds of cables, wires and widely used in instrumentation panels and industries.

HMI Cable Glands


HMI Single Compression Cable Glands and Double compression Cables Glands are available with us. Most known and widely used Cable Gland Brand HMI.

Surelock Cable Ties


SureLock Nylon 6/6 Cable Ties are made in India product and are applicable to a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic use.

Ener Cable Lugs


Ener Copper Lugs, Aluminum Lugs made from high quality and durable copper and aluminum for best conduction and better grip.

Trinity Touch Panel Wire Ducts and Control Panel Accessories


Trinity Touch Cable Trays, PVC Cable Ducts, MCB Channels, Relay Modules.

Pest Control India - Electric Fly Catchers, Fogging Machines and Medical Sterilizers

pci rentokill.jpg

Pest Control India, PCI Fly Catcher Machines are a world renowned band in Pest Control Products.

ElectroWorld, being a complete Electrical Goods Superhouse is now also a leading company dealing with Pest Control Machines, Hardware Accessories, Tapes, Sealants, PU Foam Cans and Spray Paints. We believe in innovating and bringing Newer and efficient products into the market. Our Motto to do business resonates with quality over price. We strive to bring products that are price easy and performance heavy, ensuring our valued customers get value for money and quality products.

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