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Hextio is the most advanced air filter in the World. It works as air purifier and air steriliser for areas up to 20m2 - providing clean air for your family, home and workspace. Made in South Korea, Hextio Virus Killer is Certified to Kill 99.9999% Virus, Germs, Bacteria, Fungus and Molds in the Air. 


Hextio is personal air protection which is Ideal for an individual with the unit situated on a desk, counter, bedside table, in a private vehicle, or on the go. 


Hextio is the perfect air decontamination unit for personal use, thanks to its powerful fan and advanced photocatalytic oxidation technology developed for VIRUSKILLER™.


Hextio has been proven and tested to:

  • Deactivate viruses and bacteria with unequalled efficiency
  • Eliminate high levels of pollution from indoor air
  • Effectively remove noxious gases and larger particles such as dust, dander, and other allergens

Hextio’s airflow hood can be directed towards an individual’s breathing space, providing clean, safe air, regardless of their surroundings. With no installation required, Hextio is plug-and-play indoor air safety for people on the move.


Suitable for desks, counters, bedside tables, and even on the go, this portable unit can be powered by a 12V power bank. The compact and lightweight Hextio is the perfect portable clean air companion. 


Process for complete air decontamination

As air passes through Hextio, it goes through a two-stage process of purification and decontamination.

Like many high-end air purifiers, Hextio features a premium HEPA filter to trap ultrafine particles and allergens as air moves through the unit. 

The activated carbon filter traps dust, pollen, smoke, and VOCs — this is where most air purifiers end and Hextio begins.


Featuring a miniaturized Reactor Chamber inherited from Radic8’s VIRUSKILLER™ enabled devices, Hextio uses photocatalytic oxidation to safely and efficiently decontaminate airborne viruses and biological pathogens that may pass through conventional filters.

Hextio is a complete filtration, neutralization, and decontamination device designed for your desktop.


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Hextio - Virus Killer Air Purifier Kills Virus in Air

₹45,000.00 Regular Price
₹30,600.00Sale Price
Excluding Taxes |
  • • Developed following South Korea’s 2003 SARS outbreak.
    • Deployed in more than 370,000 public spaces.
    • Filters dirty air, removing allergens, dust, dander, pollen and particulates.
    • Neutralises toxic air filled with VOCs, gases, smoke or fumes.
    • Sterilises sick air contaminated with viruses, bacteria, mould or fungi.
    • Reduces risk of airborne infection.
    • Perfect for young children, the elderly and infirm who are more susceptible to respiratory issues.
    • Helps control allergies and asthma to allow your immune system to develop a stronger response to viruses and contamination.

  • Manufacturer Radic8
    Country of origin South Korea
    Model name Hextio
    Dimensions 124 x 104 x 330mm
    Colour White
    Control Infrared remote control for reduced EMF exposure
    Filtration Replaceable combined carbon & HEPA filter
    Spare filter included Yes
    Filter lifespan 4000 hours
    Sterlisation UV light in patented reactor chamber
    Reactor cell lifespan 8000 hours
    UVC lamps 1 / 6W / 254nm
    Titanium dioxide hexagon filters 10
    Device lifespan 10 years
    Maximum room size 20m² with a standard ceiling height of 2.4m
    Power 15W
    Power supply 240v mains adaptor
    Plug type Universal adaptor plug.
    Speeds 3
    Noise 40-49dB
    Airflow 12-20CFM
    Product weight 1.2kg
    Package weight 1.8kg
    Installation Free standing
    Accessories included Remote control
    Directional airflow hood
    Optional extras Travel bag
    Replacement combined carbon & HEPA filter.
    Certification CE
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