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  • Spider Fly Catcher Machine Gum Pads Insect Killer Machines Electric Fly Catcher

    Glue Pad Sheets for Spider Electric Flying Insect Catcher The most modern way to get rid of dead flies and insects by a HACCP compliant Spider Fly Catcher. The Spider Insect and Fly Catcher Glue Pad board is a much refined product that is a replacement to Spider Electric Fly Catcher Gum Pads. The spider glue pad boards are non toxic paper boards that attract and traps the insect into its non releasing and non toxic gum pads. The Spider Fly catcher Glue Board traps flies, mosquitoes, moth and many other insects on its glue pad fly control board. Spider Insect Killer Gum Pads works by trapping the insects onto the gum pad that is laced with super strong glue that insects cannot get rid off. Once trapped onto the glue pads the Sticky Glue Pad Traps Flying Insects on contact and never releases them back. ​ The special formulated glue in the Insect Killer Glue pad not only traps Insects but kills them instantly on touch of the Insect Trapping Glue Pad board, this also prevents them from rotting, thus saving the facility from harmful contamination and germ buildup. The Fly Trapper Gum Pad Boards and Gum Pads for Fly Catchers are specially designed to prevent Rodents and Reptiles from feasting on the Insect killed and trapped inside the spider insect catching machine. Benefits: The Spider Electric Fly Killer Machine, is a New Generation Electric Fly Catcher conforming to international Food Industry Standards, HACCP. It efficiently and quietly traps flying insects on its replaceable control (glue) boards. Made up of lightweight and sturdy body. There is no fragmentation or blow-out and no "zap", associated with its predecessors and other flying insect killers. It has three UVA lamps for maximum attraction and an optional screen to shield the trapped insects from view. Now Buy Spider Insect Killer Online on our Web Store. Quick View Genus Fli Fly Trapper Metal Body Gum Pad Based No Sound No Fumes Out of stock Quick View Terminal Block Clamp Type 1.5mm Polyamide Price ₹1,000.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Quick View Tricolor LED Strip Light IP65 for Outdoors Decoration-HPL Regular Price ₹7,200.00 Sale Price ₹1,900.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Quick View Tricolor LED Strip Light IP65 for Outdoors Decoration - LEDVANCE OSRAM Regular Price ₹6,499.00 Sale Price ₹2,300.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Features: Silent – No “zapping” sound. Safe – No risk of accidental electric shock. Hygienic – No fragmentation of insects, hence no contamination hazard. Multipurpose – Can be used for majority of flying insects. Vanity Screens also available to hide insect catch. ​ Note: "Spider" and "Brandenberg" are registered trade name of the product manufactured by Rent-O-Kill PCI. ElectroWorld Lucknow is the Authorized Dealer and Distributor for Pest Control India Products. ​

  • B2B Electrical Goods Store Online at Best Wholesale Prices | ElectroWorld

    ElectroWorld – A complete store for all industrial and domestic electrical goods, ventured as a supplier and trader of Electrical Goods to serve customers looking for one stop solution to all requirements of Electrical Distribution, Control Panel Accessories, Automation Tools, Terminal Blocks, Connector Strips, Industrial Lighting Fixtures, Switchgears, Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Cable Tie, Cable Accessories and Tools, Cable Jointing Kits, Bakelite Sheets, Perforated Cable Tray, Cable Raceways, Telecom Cable Trays, Ladder Type Cable Trays, Galvanized Cable Tray, Power Transmission Equipment, Drives and Motors, Pumps, Starter - Controllers and Spares, Home Appliances Juicer Mixer Grinders, Induction Cookers, Geysers, Steam Irons, LED Lighting, LED Bulbs, LED TubeLights, LED Flood Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED Downlighters, etc. The company ElectroWorld, founded in 2011, as an ancillary unit of our 51 yr old business establishment Kumar Electrical Corporation Lucknow, to supply Electrical Goods and caters to the needs of Industries in and around Lucknow, the fastest growing city in India and the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Our services and products not only aim to serve the domestic and industrial electrical needs of consumers but to also develop a market base for quality products. We offer products that are above par with the current available products in the market at much competitive price. Our service catalog comprise of Electrical Goods of many International and Indian brands that are committed towards development of quality products for Electrical Applications. Newly Launched Products Quick View Genus Fli Fly Trapper Metal Body Gum Pad Based No Sound No Fumes Price ₹16,850.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Out of Stock Quick View Terminal Block Clamp Type 1.5mm Polyamide Price ₹1,000.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Add to Cart Quick View Tricolor LED Strip Light IP65 for Outdoors Decoration-HPL Regular Price ₹7,200.00 Sale Price ₹1,900.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Add to Cart Quick View Tricolor LED Strip Light IP65 for Outdoors Decoration - LEDVANCE OSRAM Regular Price ₹6,499.00 Sale Price ₹2,300.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Add to Cart Quick View Solar Snake Repeller Regular Price ₹4,000.00 Sale Price ₹2,400.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Add to Cart New Launch Quick View Combustible Gas Detector and Alarm GD-09-1M - Metravi Regular Price ₹2,500.00 Sale Price ₹2,050.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Add to Cart Home: Welcome Home: Product Slider About ElectroWorld We founded ElectroWorld with few goals in mind: providing high-quality products, swift and reliable electrical goods store. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We believe that every client counts, and we always strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. ​ Located in the Hustle Bustle of La Touche Road, Lucknow. Our Team is always open to listen to your needs and fulfill your requirements in the quickest manner and shortest span of time, while providing the best of the products that suits you budget and doesn't compromise on quality. ​ With Dealership of products from major brands Havells, Bajaj, KEI, HPL, Wipro, Osram, Crompton, Anchor, Schneider. We aim to bring customer delight and prompt action to their needs, while providing full technical and informational guidance in helping our clients choose best products for their projects, factories, offices, homes, schools and colleges. ​ Check it out for yourself, Send us a Message or share your BOQ to get a Quote today! Get in Touch Get a Quote Home: About Home: Testimonials Sushil Kamath We loved the quick response from ElectroWorld to all our Requirements. They Promise and Deliver on time and the products are authentic. We send them orders and get fast delivery to all our stores in Uttar Pradesh. Home: Contact Contact Us 54, Gautam Buddha Marg, La Touché Road, Lucknow - 226018 +91-522-4012223 Mar 29, 2021 4 min Importance of Sleep and Rest in Pandemic 53 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Home: Blog Feed

  • Spider Fly Catcher Machine Gum Pads Insect Killer Machines Electric Fly Catcher

    Hextio Virus Killer Hextio’s clean-air reactor chamber technology eliminates 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria in a single air pass. Sleek, compact and easy to use, the portable, ozone-free device also removes mold, allergens and chemical toxins – perfect for your home and workspace. ​ Using its advanced air filtration and sterilization technology, the plug and play device provides clean, odorless air for rooms up to 20m². ​ Multiple HEXTIO units may be used throughout a home. Typically, one device per room is recommended. If you have a large open plan home, then you may like to consider the Virus Killer VK401 which is suited to spaces up 60m². ​ Hextio personal air steriliser Designed for targeted protection of a single person in a smaller space, the stylish unit is great for desktops, bedside tables and small bathrooms. It can even be used on the go. The airflow hood directs air to surround you with a clean air cloud, while the travel pack (sold separately) is great for people always on the move. ​ Hextio Product Features The Hextio Virus Killer comes along with a host of advanced technological features that offer cutting edge patented technological features which makes it the most efficient air purifier and virus killer with multiple layers of protection for home, office, hotel and hospitals. Reactor chamber technology Hextio brings Radic8’s cutting-edge reactor chamber air cleaning technology – the highest-certified clean air tech in the world – into a small, affordable package perfect for the home or office. Most purifiers capture particles only as small as 0.3 microns. The Hextio goes beyond this by passing air through its patented reactor chamber. UV light protection Within the reactor chamber, high-powered UVC lamps are surrounded by a mesh of chromed nano titanium dioxide tube filters, polished with activated carbon. The UV light reacts with the mesh in a process call photocatalytic oxidation to produce hydroxyl radicals. These act as a disinfectant for the air, breaking down organic molecules, neutralising airborne viruses and providing a 99.9999% virus kill rate in single air pass. 99.9999% virus kill rate The reactor chamber technology at the heart of Hextio has been independently verified to achieve a 99.9999% kill rate on the coronavirus family, and most recently the SARS-CoV-2 virus that leads to Covid-19, as well as influenza virus, poliovirus and adenovirus. It has also been shown to achieve the same results when tested against bacteria including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Aspergillus niger. Single pass air filtration By reaching a 99.9999% virus kill rate in a single air pass, Radic8’s clean air technology provides pathogen-free air into the breathing space for real-time protection. Other systems that claim to kill airborne viruses require multiple air passes to eradicate them, meaning cross contamination is possible as viruses that remain in the filtered air are pushed back into the breathing zone. Combined carbon & HEPA filter The carbon & HEPA filter neutralises most gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for odourless air, and traps air particles as small as 0.3 microns such as dust, allergens and mould – great for those suffering from asthma or hayfever. What’s more, the filter is positioned for easy cleaning – any viruses or bacteria have been sterilised within the reactor chamber before the air reaches the filter, making it safe to handle. Airflow control Hextio is designed to draw exhaled air down, through the intake for filtering and sterilising, before sending sterilised air back into the breathing area. This laminar airflow pulls contaminated air away from the breathing area, replacing it with clean, fresh air. This process also reduces surface settlement of contaminants that pose a risk to touch. Automatic air monitoring The inbuilt sensor detects increased levels of pollution and automatically switches to turbo mode until the air quality is safe to breathe again, without any need for action from you. Night mode A super quiet night mode, with no indicator light, means you can leave it on while you sleep without any disturbance. No ozone No ozone is generated by Hextio. The UVC lamp is certified to work ozone-free for its entire recommended life. Energy efficient Hextio only uses 15W of power, so you can even use it with a 12V output power bank (sold separately) – great for mobile use. Hextio product summary • Independently verified technology • Developed following South Korea’s 2003 SARS outbreak • Deployed in more than 370,000 public spaces • Filters dirty air, removing allergens, dust, dander, pollen and particulates • Neutralises toxic air filled with VOCs, gases, smoke or fumes • Sterilises sick air contaminated with viruses, bacteria, mould or fungi • Reduces risk of airborne infection • Reduces contaminant settlement on surfaces, reducing risk of infection through touch • Perfect for young children, the elderly and infirm who are more susceptible to respiratory issues • Helps control allergies and asthma to allow your immune system to develop a stronger response to viruses and contamination ​ Buy Hextio Virus Killer Machine and secure your family today . Now Buy Illumé Electric Flying Insect Catcher Online on our Web Store. Quick View VK 103 Virus Killer Air Purifier Kills Virus in Air Price ₹377,700.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Quick View Hextio - Virus Killer Air Purifier Kills Virus in Air Regular Price ₹45,000.00 Sale Price ₹30,600.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Quick View VK 102 Virus Killer Air Purifier Kills Virus in Air Price ₹429,990.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra Quick View VK 401 Wall Mounted Virus Killer Air Purifier Kills Virus in Air Price ₹211,100.00 Excluding Taxes | Shipping Cost Extra

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  • Importance of Sleep and Rest in Pandemic

    I test Positive with COVID 19 a few days back. Yes, I was COVID -19 Positive. It came as a shocker for me as I too was thinking it to be a normal viral fever due to season change. I had fever for 2 days and the temperature twice crossed the 102 mark on the fluke infrared digital thermometer that I kept handy all the time with me. There were no other external signs. However, there was a strange sense of something wrong from inside, which I tried to negate considering it to be simply as anxiety or just COVID News and Media Stress. However, at this time the second wave of corona virus pandemic in India was just building up. We always had a strict protocol for anyone having fever or any illness after the first wave of coronavirus pandemic by self isolation measures for the ill. Fearing for the wellbeing I went from Isolation to a Complete Home Quarantine as I received my Positive RTPCR Report. As it is very important to have a strict quarantine as we know that CoronaVirus infection is very contagious and spreads rapidly. I strongly recommend that you must adhere to strict quarantine for the sick one while being supportive and compassionate to not let the sick feel dejected. So, what measures we took may have helped to contain the infection spreading to the whole family. By gods grace my whole family is safe from the infection till I write the post. The next step I took to save myself from unwanted disturbances was to uninstall Facebook and WhatsApp from my phone. Both these social networking apps according to me would have not helped by increased the anxiety and disturbance during the recovery phase. For me it was very important to take as much rest and sleep as I could. While medications were started on time there was very proactive response from Lucknow Nagar Nigam with immediate home sanitization, fogging and provisioning of Medical Aid by Covid Command Center. The constant feedback calls from the Nagar Nigam, Covid Command Center and other medical support teams in Lucknow helped me motivated that the government machinery is working fine and I may not have to worry a lot about the Covid Infection. Seeing everything sorted out and everyone safe at home, it was time to take care of myself. The first thing I did was to keep myself in good hygiene, take medication on time and keep gargling twice a day, as I had a very sore throat and took steam thrice a day along with drinking only warm water. Though it was hard in the beginning to eat anything, I lost all appetite. Slowly and gradually the throat cleared and I went to take only fruits and light meals. Its very important to stay away from heavy meals and spicy food. Your Diet is very important and If you are Non-Vegetarian Eat Boiled or Grilled Meat and Eggs in good quantity as your body needs a lot of Zinc and Protein along with Vitamin C supplements via fruits and medicines. Drinking a lot of water is most important as the body quickly looses hydration and hence drink plenty of water. It will keep your body hydrated and keeps clearing toxins. As we all know CoronaVirus is a respiratory attacking Virus and the lungs are the most damaged part of the body in covid 19 infection. My only aim was to keep the infection away from lungs and not allow any congestion to develop. Steam inhalation and gargles were my only weapons. In covid the gestation period is two to three days and I kept a full record of my oxygen levels. Thanks to the Almighty that I was able to keep infection away from reaching my lungs and the oxygen levels were also maintained. There was high fatigue levels and I had been sleeping for almost 14-16 hours each day, the headache was unbearable at time due to lack of nutrients and effect of the continuous high fever. It was more than important to be positive from mind and keep faith in yourself and the almighty that you will be fine. Positive frame of mind and rest was the most important factors as I kept all negative thought away and took as much rest as I can to let my body recover from the infection. Along the medication and care was the need to compassion, which was fulfilled by friends and family who were there supporting and talking to me on calls to keep me motivate. I will suggest anyone who is infected that its only you who will fight the infection and no one else. You and your body are the only fighters, do not let any bad thought come and keep yourself positive. With these thoughts I got over with the Covid infection and kept myself in isolation for an extended week to make sure there is no virus or any other infection. COVID according to my experience is nothing to be scared of. It is just another enemy and you need to fight the enemy with all your might. The challenge could only be achieved with determination. Nothing can kill you unless you mentally allow it to. So stay safe, stay positive and take all precautions with extra alertness. You will Prevail !!!

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