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Spider® Electric Flying Insect Catcher (EFC)

The latest addition to our Pest Control and Flying Insect Trappers is a HACCP compliant Spider Fly Catcher. The spider is a much refined successor of Pest-O-Flash that is much safer and aesthetically pleasing. The Spider Fly catcher is a Glue Board based insect trapper that attracts and traps the insects on its control board. Spider Insect Killer works on the principles of a real spider that traps Flying Insects on contact with its web. Flying insects get attracted to the special UV lights and get trapped when they pass through the Spider like in a real web.

The special formulated glue in Spider Insect Killer Glue pad not only traps Insects but kills them instantly and also prevents them from rotting, thus saving the facility from harmful contamination and germ buildup. The Spider Insect Trapper is also designed to prevent Rodents and Reptiles from feasting on the Insect killed and trapped inside the spider insect catching machine. The Spider Machine is designed to blend with the aesthetics of the facility and does not give any annoying Zapping Sound or smelly fumes from insects getting electrocuted.

The Spider is a New Generation Electric Fly Catcher conforming to international Food Industry Standards, HACCP. It efficiently and quietly traps flying insects on its replaceable control (glue) boards. Made up of lightweight and sturdy body. There is no fragmentation or blow-out and no "zap", associated with its predecessors and other insectocutors. It has three UVA lamps for maximum attraction and an optional screen to shield the trapped insects from view.

Now Buy Spider Insect Killer Online on our Web Store.


  • Silent – No “zapping” sound.

  • Safe – No risk of accidental electric shock.

  • Hygienic – No fragmentation of insects, hence no contamination hazard.

  • Multipurpose – Can be used for majority of flying insects.

  • Vanity Screens also available to hide insect catch.

Note: "Spider" and "Brandenberg" are registered trade name of the product manufactured by Rent-O-Kill PCI. ElectroWorld Lucknow is the Authorized Dealer and Distributor for Pest Control India Products.

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