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Metallic Body Gum Pad Based Superior Quality Steel Body Fly Catcher Machine Genus Fly Trapper does not work like Electric Fly Killers with high voltage killing grids that electrocute insects by zappping flying insects and leaving litter of insect fragments and contaminated spores.


Genus Metalic Body Fly Killer Machines are strong sturdy, safe and hygienic. It uses scientific method with UVA light technology to attract insects and then traps them on a hidden glue board.


It is completely silent in operation hence getting rid of flying insects discreetly without making unwanted sounds of electric zaps and sparks, Leads to no fumes and bad smell of burning insects. Works against all sizes of flying insect, and are quickly and easy to maintain. Silent, out of sight control for use in all sensitive public areas.


Easy-open hinged cover for fast, safe, both hands-free consumables replacement. Large, fully grid-marked glue board for maximum catch area and HACCP compliance. Horizontal, vertical or corner wall mounting and free standing options offers flexibility in location.

Genus Fli Fly Trapper Metal Body Gum Pad Based No Sound No Fumes

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    • Silent Gum Pad Based Model
    • Dimensions (mm): 297 X 533 X 86
    • Weight : 2.7 Kgs
    • Tubes: 15 watt UVA Tubes 2 nos. of 18"
    • Power Consumption: Approx 30 watts
    • UVA Lamps BL350
    • International Standards : IEC 335-1, IEC 335-2-59
  • 1 Year On-Site in Uttar Pradesh/ Uttarakhand

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