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Pest-O-Flash Insect Killer

Electrical Flying Insect Killer (EFK) were the first product in India that were introduced to help control flying insects in a facility or premises, the product is designed to attract flying insect and terminate them in a controlled and hygienic manner. Our flying insect control system attracts, kills and collects flies and other insects in a safe, non-toxic, economical and convenient manner. The machine is available in a wide range of models for use in different industries. Starting from Pest-O-Flash T2 Model to T2 Plus to give a wider catchment area. Pestoflash T4 Model with extra lamps for higher attraction and termination of Flying Insects.

The new and innovative super reflective paint technology incorporated in the Pest-O-Flash Insect Killer Machines emits the most UV light intensity compare to similar types of units. The unique feature of the super reflective paint in Pest-O-Flash UV disposing technology allows light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and thus increasing the number of flies caught and it even attracts and kills small insects. Extensively researched Machines have identified that shape and colour as well as light output, influences the number of insects attracted to pest killing machines. Pestoflash Insect and Fly Killer is designed to include all of these features in a compact and well build machine to attract, kill and collect Insect residuals for easy disposal of dead insects. In addition the unit is fitted with a UV light reflecting in the stainless steel or powder coated panels behind the tubes to further enhance the output.

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