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Illumé Electric Flying Insect Catcher

Electro World Lucknow bring to you our Newest Aesthetically pleasing Fly Trapper and Insect Killer Illumé. Illume is a designer product that is highly appreciated by aesthetic conscious customers, interior decorators, and architects. Illume Insect Killer is designed to offer discrete fly control for all “front of house” areas such as bars, restaurants, bakeries, Hotel Lobbies, etc and will add grace to any home environment.

The Illume fly trapper uses a well-proven ultraviolet light technology to draw the insects into the body of the unit. Once attracted the flying insects gets entrapped on the specially formulated glue control boards inside the body of illume designer insect killer. The boards are cleverly hidden from view within the Illume body and can be quickly and easily changed as and when required from time to time.

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