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Advance Copper Bonded Earthing Electrodes

We at Electro World Lucknow, guide our consumers that low impedance grounding is essential to protect transmitting facilities and personnel from external or internal electrical anomalies. Copper clad driven ground rods are often insufficient due to high ground resistively or a limited installation area.

With the incorporation of innovative designs and implementation of cutting edge technology, we offer a broad range of Copper Bonded Earth Electrodes. These products offer cost effective and efficient earth rod grounding system. These reliable earth rods are are corrosion resistant and eliminate electrolytic action. Our products are formed of the following:

  • Uniformly bonded pure copper electrolyte.

  • High tensile steel core of thickness 0.254 mm.

  • Coupling threads ensure thread strength and maintain integrity of the bonded copper.


With the incorporation of latest technology and skilled workforce, we offer a range of Copper Earthing Electrodes in Lucknow. These products offered by us have remarkable resistance against corrosion and ensure uniform earth contact resistance during their entire lifetime. Some other features of our products are:

  •  Optional electrical conductivity.

  • High mechanical strength.

  • Allow connection to earthing systems like foundation earthing and others.


  • Upto 250 micron CU Bonded on Steel.

  • Life Span: Due to 250 micron CU Bonded life is much more than GI & Cu Earthing Rods.

  • High Conductivity with High Strength.

  • Cost Effective as comparison to life span.

  • Highly Reliable in long Span.


  •  Lightning protection systems.

  • Prevention of accidents caused by static charge and stray currents.

  • Protection of central communications, electronics and power systems.

  • Meeting grounding safety requirements for electrical substations.

  • Ground fault neutralization.


  • Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities.

  • Data centers, telecom, and broadcasters.

  • Process control and automation.

  • Corrections, hospitals and Emergency centers.

  • Government, military, and defense installations.

  • T&D operations, substations, and wind turbines.

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