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Solar Surge Protection Devices

Electro World Lucknow offers Solar Photovoltaic Application Surge Protection Devices for Protection of Cells & Inverters DC Side. The dc-voltage photovoltaic systems up to 3.2 kV and is also available for the other common voltage in small-scale photovoltic systems and power systems (500 to 1000 Vdc). These are din rail-mountable components to protect both insulated and solidly grounded systems.

Our Surge Protection Devices for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Protection are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks. These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and differential modes protection. The OBV5-C40 series is available for the main operating voltages in photovoltaic: 1000 Vdc.

The use of Photo voltaic Surge Protection is recommended at both ends of the DC power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side), especially if the line routing is external and long.


  • Advanced lightning system based on latest lightning research and technology.

  • Location of air terminal(s) on structure is determined using proprietary lightning strike Counter System Designer package.

  • Collection Volume design principle used by the device resulting in the most effective lightning protection coverage.


  • It provides protection to service panels, load centers or where the SPD is directly connected to the electronic device requiring protection.

  • The 600V model is ideal for grid tied PV combiners and inverter input circuits.

  • High resistance panels for use in all conditions.

  • Easy installation and access for a best maintenance.

  • Transparent cover for quick inspection.


  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Institutional

  • Residential

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