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Arbuda Snake Repellent for Safe and Easy Repultion of Snakes. Ideal for Godowns, Homes, Farm House, Manufacturing Plants, Factories, Storage Warehouse, Hatchery, Farms, Livestock Farms and many more areas for easy and effective snake management.


Arbuda Snake Repeller Works autonomously Day and Night without any maintenance. It charges and works on solar power during the day and works on it recharged batteries during the night. This makes it completely safe and funtional all day and gives you protecrion of 8-10 mtr radius from the site of installation, varying on the nature of soil.

The Arbuda Repeller for all kinds of snake could easily be installed and removed to be placed to another location as desired.


  • Arbuda Solar Snake Repeller has been developed to scare away all kinds of snakes.
  • It emits a pulsing vibration, which the snake picks up through sensors throughout its body.
  • The snake perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; most snakes will retreat almost immediately.
  • Dual (Solar) battery power and easy to change AArechargeable batteries.
  •  Inbuilt battery charger & operation indicator light.
  •  UV inhibitors to resist degradation in plastics.
  •  Non rusting aluminum probe.
  •  Robust design & 100% safe & non toxic.
  •  Safe around children and pets and will not affect other wildlife.

Solar Snake Repeller

₹4,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,400.00Sale Price
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