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Medixair™ is a revolutionary new germicidal product available in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh for maintaining superior Air Quality at work place and complete air sterilization. It is based on UVC light streams and sterilizes the premises against airborne infection caused by harmful viruses, bacteria and spores. It is compact, portable, easy to use and maintain and complies with International Statutory Safety Regulations. Medixair™ units were initially designed and developed as a tool against terrorist attacks with weapons grade Anthrax agents. This amazing product is capable of destroying greater than 99.999% of micro-organisms in the air.

It is a solution for Airborne Infection working on the principles of  Ultra-violet light that already occurs naturally in sunlight and may be divided into three bands, A, B and C. Of these, UV-C is the shortest and most powerful ultraviolet light. At the specific wavelength of 257.3nm (2573 angstrom) it is proven to be a deadly agent to kill viruses, bacteria and moulds. This occurs when the UV-C light penetrates the nucleus, disrupting the DNA and its structure so that cell reproduction cannot take place, thereby killing the organism.

Medixair™ exposes air passing through the unit’s radiation chamber to an intense amount of UV energy (23,868 mw.sec/cm2) capable of eradicating even the most resistant micro-organisms. Four UV-C tubes arranged in a very effective mathematically designed reflective chamber, controlled airspeed and lengthwise flow of air in close proximity to the tubes, provides maximum killing power even for the toughest bacteria, germs, spores and molds, keeping the air quality free from any contamination and making the work place cleaner.

Efficiancy Tests
Medixair™ has been exhaustively tested under field and laboratory conditions. A range of trials performed by Microsearch Laboratories - an independent UKAS accredited laboratory - employed a number of different test protocols to measure the machine’s efficacy. Tests against both airborne and normally static organisms proved equally effective across a wide range of genera including gram positive and gram negative bacteria, yeasts and molds. For further demonstration of the unit’s performance, trials were also carried out within the High Dependency Unit of a leading hospital owned and operated by BMI Healthcare, the UK’s largest independent healthcare provider. Air sampling was carried out before and after operating the units and the results clearly demonstrated a significant contribution to atmospheric treatment in a clinical environment.

These independent research reports clearly prove the unit’s efficacy in eradication of organisms, delivering air circulation and to provide total confidence in its ability to ‘Engineer Air Sterility’

Product Application
Electro World Lucknow brings Air Sterilizers that are of wide utility in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Operation Theatres, Burns Units, Neo-Natal Wards, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Post-Operative/Recovery Rooms, Orthopedic Rooms/wards, Isolation rooms and wards, Microbiology, Diagnostic Centers and Pathology Labs, Culture Rooms, Sterilization Departments, Mortuaries & Morgues, Waiting & Consulting rooms, General Wards (OPDs), etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry like Microbiological Labs, Clean Rooms, Pass Boxes, Packing Areas, Sterile Storage Rooms, Sterilisation Departments, Testing Chambers, etc.

Offices, Call Centres, Food Processing Industry, Commercial Kitchens, Leisure Facilities, Airports, Gyms, Schools, Colleges, etc have a much wider application utility of our Air Sterilizers available in Lucknow and all over Uttar Pradesh.

Medixair Germicidal Air Sterilizer Machine

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  • Our Air Sterlizers are Safe as they leave no toxic residues, works in a silent operation mode creating no irritating noise, low operating costs, compact aesthetic design, portable in application, modern and effective design, high efficiency to size ratio, no ozone depletion, ease of use and maintenance free.

    Medixair™ air sterilizers are designed to operate 24 hours 7 days a week and all 365 days of the year, providing continuous air sterilization without the need for operator supervision. Electro World Lucknow along with PCI can also provide technical back-up through analysis and reports of pre and post counts taken by air sampling. With the inception of Medixair™, Electro World Lucknow had come in close tie-up with Pest Control India to provide a further dimension to Electro Medical range of comprehensive solutions for infection control and sterilization.

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