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Alcohol Based Schevran Viroff- 753 Liquid Hand Sanitiser is an effective Hand Sanitizer to protect your loved ones from Diseases, Germs, Virus and Other Microbs. The Schevaran Fast evaporating disinfectant liquid hand sanitizer is also useful in fumigation to control airborne infections , Microbiologically evaluated for efficacy. An Effective Hand Sanitizer that Can also be used in fogging your premise. Keep Youself and Your Family Safe from Virus, Bacteria, Germs, etc.


Economical 500ml Sanitizer with Pump Dispenser comes with Fast evaporating Quat based broad spectrum viroff - 753 liquid sanitizer is made of 80% Alcohol Based Liquid Hand Sanitiser with powerful Quaternary Ammonium Salt Solution and soothing fragrance Kills 99.9% germs with proven anti viral action.


Schevaran Liquid Alcohol Hand sanitizers are the perfect solution for moisturized, germ-free hands on-the-go. It kill most of the common virus, keeps your hands clean and soft and leaves a soothing seasonal scent. You get cleanliness and lightly fragranced hands, and all this without having to use any water. This makes the sanitizer your perfect defence against germs, virus, bacteria anytime, anywhere.


It is also less damaging to skin because it has built-in emollients. Viroff Hand Sanitizers are convenient to use before having food at a restaurant or while enjoying some street food. It’s also a great way to keep your hands sanitized after touching toilet doors, bus handles, currency notes and other surfaces that are hotbeds of germs, virus, etc. Children can carry it to school and you can be reassured that they are protected from germs before having food, especially where the chance of them washing hands without supervision is low.


Available in Pink or Blue Colour as per Availability During Delivery.

500ml Viroff 753 Liquid Hand Sanitizer - Schevaran

₹250.00 Regular Price
₹115.00Sale Price
1 Milliliter
Excluding Taxes |
    • Kills Viruses and Bacteria almost instantaneously on contact.
    • Fast evaporating Sanitizer.
    • Hand disinfectant without further need for washing of hands with water.
    • An effective Handwash.
    • Very Effective if used for Fogging.
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