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Lightning Strike Counter

Lightning strike counter is used for recording times of lightning strike of various kinds of lightning eliminators and lightning rod. It is a kind of Electro Mechanical counter with 8 Digit illuminated display facility, lightning strikes counting device lucknow provides valuable information for the maintenance and safety of all structures and its occupants .

This functional device can show the intact operation of the lightning system. By using an inductive record, the counter is able to accurately count all lightning events for a later reference and internal study. It works with an inductive effect of the lightning strike Counter. The events are monitored by a mechanical counter display installed on the lightening counter device.

The lightening strike counter has the standard width of two modules. The counter is required to be supplied with power by a 9V zinc-manganese battery, which needs to be replaced when the digital display is not luminous, and is installed in the standard guide rail.


  • Advanced lightning system based on latest lightning research and technology.

  • Location of air terminal(s) on structure is determined using proprietary lightning strike Counter System Designer package.

  • Collection Volume design principle used by the device resulting in the most effective lightning protection coverage.


  • Lightning discharges counting and saving device requires no external power supply.

  • Our Lightning Strike Counter consists of circuitry containing rectifier, capacitor, and memory chips to record lightening events.

  • Electronic switching system that is connected to mechanical counting relay.

  • The counter includes a high frequency transformer.

  • Economical and easy to install.


  • The lightning strike Counter can be used wherever there is the possibility of direct lightning strike Counter that may affect valuable equipments or facilities.

  • These include communications towers, television stations, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and explosive/volatile fuels storage areas.

  • Applications that require area protection or that would benefit from the application of an isolated protection system would benefit in particular using the lightning strike Counter.

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