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Advance Lightning Protection Device

We offer advance Lightening Protection Devices based on the principle of Ion Streamers, these are highly reliable and advance technology used in protecting property and structures from direct lightning strike. We offer E.S.E. lightning arrestor, providing protection to high mast structures, high rise buildings from damage by intercepting lightening flashes and transmitting the current towards ground. These arrestors offer value to clients premise owing to their good performance in the toughest of lightning and thunderstorm conditions.


The E.S.E. lightening arrestors are made from best quality electro conductive material that assure not only safety but improved performance of lightening interception and grounding as well. We offer lightening arrestors at cost effective prices and within very less lead time. We are engaged in supplying of lightning arrestor made of only supreme quality raw material.


The function of the ESE ion lightning rods consists of emitting an ascending electrical unloading to influence the effect of the descendant tracer. The range of Lighting Protection Systems offered by us have high efficiency which drastically reduce the risk associated with lightning strikes.


The Early Streamer Emission air terminal offered by ElectroWorld Lucknow is a non-electronic system. The absence of electronic system makes it extremely reliable and easy to install on a very large variety of installation sites of lightning strike. In addition to this the materials used to make Air Terminal have been selected for their resistance to both corrosion and withstanding very high temperature.

Demonstration of ESE ion Lightning Strike Protection System showing the process of ionizing process and capturing of Active Lightning Strike. The charged particles are neutralized by ionizing the particles around the cloud, providing safety to the installation. The lightning charge is safely grounded into the earth. Hence protecting the establishment in the required radius keeping livestock, building and other equipment safe.


  • Very low dispersion performance, with respectively for each standard deviation:

  • σ(M30)=32 μs, σ(M45)=19 μs, σ(M60)=18 μs

  • Works according to lighting spectrum frequency (0 à 10MHz)

  • Is not sensitive to bad weather due to its internal spark gap

  • Tested in the Ampere laboratory at the CNRS in Lyon.

  • Two spark gaps devices with dimensions enabling them to be used whatever the weather conditions (rain, snow, hail)

  • No electronic parts => No energy consumption

  • Electrostatic activation of the streamer emission when the Electromagnetic earth field gets larger.

  • No fragile components => Stainless steel metal parts.

  • Always works at optimum level after 2 series of tests with 7 lightning strikes in normalized wave 10/350 μs at100kA (in positive and negative polarity)

  • The Eco-conception of ESE based Air Terminal respects the environment. Its carbon footprint established in 2009 is excellent.

  • Patented technology.

  • 5-years Guarantee.

  • Life duration > 50 years.

  • Capture, brackets and Fastening systems Conform to standard NFC 17-102 et UNE    21-186

  • Capture device conform to standard EN 50164, as prescribed in the standard series    EN/CEI 62305


The application of the Lightning Protection System to provide the highest levels of lightning protection to the buildings from lightning strikes. Based upon individual site parameters, such as structure dimensions, terminal type and protection level, each Lightning Protection System design is customized for the project, provided elevation, 3D and plan views are shared by client, resulting in specific designs optimized protection from Lightning Strikes using ESE Lightning Rods for your Institution, factory and any other outdoor facility.

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