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Cable Tie and wiring Accessories

We offer a wide range of Cable Ties, Security Seals, and Wiring accessories. Our wiring & cable accessories products and Cable Ties are used in diverse industries such as Automobiles, Electrical, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Marine, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, and Retail Stores.

Our Cable Tie range in Lucknow, offers complete line of Cable Ties available in a variety of styles including Miniature Cable tie, Intermediate, Standard, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties. Our specialty Cable Binding Ties range includes Beaded Cable Tie, Double Loop, Ladder type ties, Push Mount Cable Tie, easy Releasable cable mount and ties, Screw Mount tie, Stainless Steel cable holding tie, Tefzel, and Velcro, are available at the best rates in Uttar Pradesh.

Electro World Lucknow stocks Non-Releasable Cable, Tag Tie, Cord Collect Tie, Outside Push Mount Tie,  Push Mount Ties, Double Locking Cable Tie, Belt Tie, Non Releasable Cable tie, U V Resistance Cable Ties, Heat Stabilized Cable Ties, Fire Retardant Cable Ties, Self Extinguish Cable Tie, Releasable Cable Tie.

Colored cable ties to enable color coding, easy identification and other varied color requirements. Natural, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow are the standard colors offered by ElectroWorld. Fluorescent Colors include Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, and Yellow are available on request.

All Cable Tie products are made from Nylon 6/6. We also offer Ultraviolet Black Nylon 6/6, Heat Stabilized, Polypropylene, Fire Retardant Nylon 6/6 Cable Ties.

Electro World Lucknow stocks wide range of mounting bases to meet even the most specialized application. Adhesive Backed Screw Mount, Acrylic Adhesive Backed Screw Mount, Anchor Base, Cradle Mount, Flat Cable Clip, are all part of our product offering. Additional specialty mounting bases are available upon request.

Now Buy Cable Tie and Wiring Accessories on our Web Store.

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